Easy baby knits – Basketweave Blanket

A few, many months ago, I came to know I was slated to be an aunt! There are many a variety of auntie duties, including knitting baby things.

I got super excited to knit baby-sized knits because you go through them so quickly and they are super adorable! In anticipation of baby B, I’d started on a baby blanket three months before his arrival.

I’d used cotton yarn for easy washability just in case B vomits or poops on this blanket. Just throw it in the washing machine without a care.

Here are my notes for the knit:

The project started on May 25th right before I began writing my thesis and when Catherine was 4-5 months into her pregnancy. I’m knitting the sunny baby blanket pattern here.

After two months’ break and finishing my thesis, I’ve never been happier to go back to my knit drawer! Cue extreme knitting! I knitted to a point where my fingers were bruised lol.

I ordered 7 balls of Katia Alabama in Lima which is supposed to have an excess of 5 metres but I ended up with less. Needed some extra to fill in in my last row and I used a mixed green yarn that I picked up in Singapore earlier this year.

It ended up contrasting neatly with the Katia Alabama in Lima yarn, and I decided to make an i-cord edge around the finished edge. Pretty!

Can’t wait to be done and do blocking for the first time ever!

4 September – Done, and wrapped as a present for baby B! We are just waiting for his arrival now.

Onto the blocking experience, I washed the knitted item in the washing machine with wool wash in lowest spin and no heat. Blocking evened out the knits but did nothing much in stretching it out possibly because the fibre is cotton or maybe because of the i-cord border.


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