In it to knit it

I’m an amateur knitting through and through, having started last winter (Dec 2016) about six months ago from writing this.

And it all started when my sister, XW, knitted me a scarf for my studies abroad.


My sister truly deserves the best sister award. Knitting is not something you pick up in Singapore. It’s too hot to wear the usual knit items!

Imagine this. Going from the ever-sunny Singapore (because of the equatorial summer) to St Petersburg, Russia and then to Berlin, Germany.

Wintery, icy, hardy St Petersburg and grey, wet Berlin in winter.

She also handed me a pair of knitting needles, super chunky 11mm ones, for me to bring back to Berlin. I bet this was the least-used pair of needles that she decided to chucked to me.

I learned to knit, and I learned to purl.

“How do I stop?”, I said.

“Just watch ‘how to cast off’ on YouTube,” said she.

That I did, and I went on to create a playlist to learn the various techniques and joined the amazing community Ravelry where there are so very many patterns (free and paid) available for anything knit imaginable.

In the process of learning to knit, I’ve found it difficult to read pattern instructions and would turn to YouTube for videos of a particular pattern being knitted. No such luck there! There were very few of such videos and I’m hoping that I can help other amateur knitters like me by contributing videos of me knitting popular patterns.

Watch me knit, tell me if I can improve, let me know if you want to see me knit a particular pattern.

Lastly, my name Fann is pronounced Fenn or Fahn, and Fahn sounds like fun. I’m having fun with wool!

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